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Trestrail Cottage – Clare Valley,  South Australia

Trestrail Cottage is a family managed business. Husband and wife team, Vivian and Sue created the cottage from its inception in 1992. It was Sue’s idea to provide a small dwelling in the Clare Valley, South Australia for the wider family to stay on weekends in the future. The present day cottage and accommodation business is the outcome. With Sue being the mainstay of its everyday functions, cleaning, PR and bookwork her attention to detail in all facets, with an eye to first impressions, set a high standard of service.

After 20 years of servicing Trestrail Sue was getting ready to hand on the baton. One of our daughter-in-laws Lisa, began her apprenticeship side by side with Sue. Sadly in 2012 Sue passed away and Lisa assumed, as a natural transition, Sue’s role. Lisa is still Trestrail’s able and dedicated front line operator.

Vivian had longed to enhance Trestrail’s surrounds and as ‘retirement’ approached Vivan has given his full creative expression into building some of the unique features you will now find at Trestrail. The enclosed outdoor deck, sauna and outdoor shower make Trestrail a distinctive, yet intimate getaway. A place out of the ordinary to digitally detox and reconnect and discover. With new features complete Vivian felt a huge sense of personal achievement along with eager anticipation for future guests to experience the built and natural form.

Vivian Ziersch - Clare Vally, South Australia

Our commitment to our guests

“We are committed to providing our guests with a private and secluded space to rest and rejuvenate complete with quality provisions and everything in immaculately clean, working order. We are happy to provide information and recommendations on anything to do with the property and the Clare Valley generally to ensure our guests’ stay is really enjoyable.”

Lisa Z